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Boarding, Grooming, Pet Sitting, Dog Walking, Daycare Playgroups

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Daycare, Training, Boarding, Grooming, Dog Walking and Pet Sitting.

Providing Animal Care Services unique to meet each pet's need.  Personal attention to​ your specific needs with an overall focus on doggie manners and basic obedience skills training.  Part of all proceeds are used to fund our Diamond's in the Ruff program "Bandit's Chance" that will offer personal enrichment programs for "hard to pla​ce" adoptions  at local rescues,  shelters and placed in our care through foster or surrender. Our main goal is to improve relationships between canines and their human counterparts while offering an opportunity for rescue animals to become successful adoption candidates.

Pet Sitting and Boarding​

Whether it is a day trip, family outing or vacation, we can make quality visits to your pet in the comfort of their own home or we can board them at our location.  You can be assured that your pet is getting the attention they need when they need it.  You will have the peace of mind that their needs are being met and they are being treated as part of the family. Boarders are not kenneled all day but are out and about, when appropriate, with others to encourage socialization, good manners as well as alleviate the stress of being away from home.

Dog Walking, Training & Play Groups

Do you work long hours and get home to find your pet full​ of endless energy that has built up all day? Do you come home to chaos and destruction caused by lack of supervision and long crate containment times.? We can give your pet the exercise they need so that when you come home, you can enjoy your relationship with your pet without the added stress or worry of leaving them home alone and unattended. Leveled energy allows you to spend positive, quality time with your pet instead of cleaning up after them or trying to calm them down enough to enjoy your time with them.

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Booking is easy. Simply click the link below to request a booking and we'll take care of the rest.  All billing is done online. Payments can be made online by credit card or in person by check or cash .

Our main goal is to make everything as easy and convenient as can be for our clients. 

Meet In-Person

Consultations are free but required.  We cultivate our services specifically for you and the needs of your pet.  Not every pet responds to an individual method the same way.  We will customize a service that allows your pet to respond positively and consistently.

What our Services Mean to You

All Services are personalized and customer based.  Some of our proceeds benefit an en​richment program to provide training and fostering services for local area shelters and that have "hard to place" adoption hopefuls needing assistance obtaining a forever home. The attention and care provided to your pet is personal, each and every time.  ​

Although they are your pets, in our care they become ours! A tired pet makes better choices, therefore we work to improve your pets relationship with you and others by providi​ng customized services to meet your needs.

You can be assured that your pet is getting the attention they need when they need it. You will have the  peace of mind that their needs are being met and they are treated as if they are part of the family.

A TimeFourPaws Nothing is perfect and socialization of any kind carries inherent risks. Our packs are not a one-size-fits- all.  We work to limit them, though we cannot eliminate them. Realistic expectations and mutual cooperation and respect must exist. We hope that even our rough times reflect our care and follow through to maintain safety, compassion, ethical care and consideration to all our clients, staff members and our community.  Fully Insured

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