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Our daycare started out as a "moving daycare" where your pet spent the day outdoors walking trails and learning useful social skills on many levels.  After our walks, our packs enjoyed a controlled free play time combined with breaks for lunch and down time.  This was when it all started out as a home business.  We have grown alot since those days.

We are now in a facility that allows us to give indoor and outdoor play access for the kids in our care. Along with our other services offered, we are your resource for all your pet care needs outside of veterinary services. Whether its regular dog walking, organized play groups, pet sitting, basic grooming services or overnight boarding, we provide services that help to meet the demands of your everyday life knowing that your pet is cared for like a member of our family.  

A tired pet makes better choices that allow you to come home and just enjoy your time with your pet in total relaxation.  They don't understand that you may need some simple down time with them at your side.  They have been waiting for you.  We make that wait less anxious and help relieve the energy built up so that when you get home they are ready to just be with you in a way both of you need.

We provide pick up and drop off services to give our clients the convenience of being able to meet their schedules while still providing their pets with needs that enrich them and improve relationships between pets and their humans. Let's face it, traffic can be trying at certain times of the year and sometimes it becomes a choice of what time you have to get to work and get your pet to daycare or a doctor's appointment.  We can help you with that.  We can pick up and drop off for any of our services.  We can also get them to a doctor's appointment if you cannot get an appointment around your work schedule.

Search us under "A Time Four Paws " to see our packs, specials or events that we are involved in.  We support animal rescue and veteran services.  We offer discounts to military families and new adoptions from local shelters.  If you have just adopted a shelter pet in the last 3 months , let us help you make it successful for both of you. We also have discounts for first responders, medical care workers and teachers - You are all heros and should be treated as such!

Consultations are free. We strive to be personable and relatable to your specific needs. We cultivate our services specifically to you.  

Call us and let's talk about your goals and how we can help you meet them with your dog. Call (518) 280-0013,  or send us an Email at [email protected]

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