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Our Community

We love to give back to our community.  Organizations that support animal rescue, rehabilitation and care services are near and dear to our heart.

In addition, we always pay tribute to our veterans.  Without their sacrifice, we could not do what we do.  We support our active military alongside our veterans who work within our community, continuously giving of themselves to help us be a better nation united for liberty.

Pet adoption, rescue fostering, behavioral training, battling homelessness and poverty, struggling in a world that has its challenges. We work to give back to a community that has allowed us to thrive.

Nothing is perfect and socialization of any kind carries inherent risks.  We work to limit them, though we cannot eliminate them. 

 Realistic expectations and mutual cooperation and respect must exist.  We hope that even our rough times reflect our care and follow through to maintain safety, compassion, ethical care and consideration to all our clients, staff members and our community.


Come on over and visit us at 1534 U.S. Route 9, Halfmoo​n, NY 12065  (518)280-0013

Don't give up on the hard dogs, they will giv​e you something you never knew you needed!

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