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Operation At Ease

Giving Rescues and Struggling Vets a New Purpose at Life 

This organization is absolutely amazing and the program gives shelter dogs a new purpose while giving injured veterans a new start at becoming members of the communities they served to protect.

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Operation Adopt A Soldier

Help them Help Our Soldiers Overseas

Items Needed

Through donations collected this organization sends care packages to our troops stationed overseas so far from home.  International shipping is costly and the simplest of things are not attainable in many areas.  This organization supplies the simple things we take for granted. A list of their needed items can be found by clicking the link above.

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Saratoga County Animal Shelter

Looking for Fosters and Volunteers

As a County Shelter, this organization goes above and beyond when it comes to the care and concern of the animals in their care.  They reach out in the community and the volunteers are a treasure.  The support that they receive and the integrity of the employees there really make this place a home.  It's definately not your typical shelter.

We love being part of the community.  If you would like to share an organization that can benefit the community, just contact us and we'll include them here.  We are happy to share information on organizations that benefit animals and the elderly in need within our community.


Come on over and visit us at 1534 U.S. Route 9, Halfmoo​n, NY 12065  (518)280-0013

Don't give up on the hard dogs, they will giv​e you something you never knew you needed!

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Miss Yvette keeps everyone in good spirits.  Good things follow good behaviors.  That simple principle is the foundation of everything we do here.

Mr Jason is our Manager working side by side with Yvette to manage the staff and business.  Our new line of treat product "Dioge's Delicacies" is all under his care and attention to provide the best nutrition for our pack members and our customers. 

Mr Rich is our Pup Bus driver and backs up our pack leaders in running the pack while making sure our boarders have all the comforts in a clean and sanitary environment during their stay.