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Dog Walking starting at $25.00 per visit. 

All dogs can benefit from regular exercise while you're away.  They need to get out and get moving on a routine basis for good health, to relieve pent up energy and alleviate any stress from separation anxiety.  Walking is also a great way to socialize your dog in an organized way limiting risks associated with dog parks and common daycare facilities that do not focus on behavior issues or socialization challenges.  Pack walks are a huge benefit for energy draining and socialization. Basic obedience is implemented and enforced daily.  A solid foundation in manners and basic obedience is necessary to teach self control. Interaction with new dogs and new people is always done in a controlled and managed setting with a handler that understands dog language and the importance of every dog needing to associate our service with good feelings and memories that put you at ease and betters your own relationship with your dog.

Puppies can be a challenge, but we can help make that challenge less frustrating with frequent walks that help with leash training, dog manners and foundation obedience.

Have a high energy little rascal?  Many behavior issues stem from the anxiety of being alone.  Maybe your precious pawed companion is not ready for daycare.  Frequent walks and regular schedules can make a big change in what you may have to deal with when you get home.  We are here for you each and every day how to nourish your relationship and better their quality of life.

Boarding: $70.00 per night & 

Pet Sitting: Start at $35.00 per visit. Packages are available.

Our price for this service may be higher than others, but we offer services that are unique and unlike any other facility that offers similar services:
  • Whether it be a day trip, family outing or vacation.You can be sure that your pet is getting the attention he or she needs when they need it. Giving you peace of mind that their needs are being met and they are treated as if they are part of the family.  
  • Unlike other boarding facilities, our charges participate in active play groups, when appropriate, or are given focused training to actively participate in controlled play groups, when appropriate. 
    • Other facilities isolate boarders and leave them in runs all day, taking them out 1 - 3 times a day, for less than 10 minutes (depending on the facility) for potty breaks with no socialization, they are isolated from other dogs the entire time they are boarded.  It is my belief that this only increases the anxiety of being separated from home and family.
  • Do you prefer that your pet remain at home and have someone regularly checking in and providing necessary care? We are here for you. Whether you need a day, weekend or week long series of visits. We have packages that give you exactly what you and your pet need from single visits to bulk package deals. We provide daily care, administer medication, feedings, walks and playtime. Your pet will miss you but we are here to help them through it and feel less lonely, knowing someone is walking through that door and taking care of their needs.

Daycare Play Groups $35.00 per daybuy 10 daycare passes and get 1 pass FREE  - OR - Take advantage of the 20 Pass Special  for $610 = less than $31 per day.

Do you work long hours and get home to find your pet full of endless energy that has built up all day? We can give your pet the exercise he or she needs along with positive, controlled socialization. When you come home, you can enjoy your relationship with your pet without adding more work to your day.  Dog manners and productive social interaction is the foundation of daycare rules whether on a leash or engaged in fun leash free play. They are learning while playing  and interacting with each other and humans. Above anything, your pet is family and treated as a welcomed member of the pack.

Foundation commands such as Sit, Come, Down, Stay/Wait are part of our Daycare rules, but, if you want more re-enforced training, behavior modification or preparation for CGC and Therapy Dog testing. We offer private training in a six hour, six month or lifetime package. A package will be compiled to help you reach your goal for your dog that includes phone visits, brush up visits and training visits that also help the family as a whole.

Training: $65.00 per Hour/Five hour Package $300.00/Ten hour Package $$575.00

Foundation obedience is essential to any pet's successful relationship with humans and other pets.  Helping them learn to use their minds in a productive and focused way not only improves manners but also drains just as much (if not more) energy as a 3 mile hike. 

Behavior modification training addresses specific issues or behaviors that can be corrected through moderate re-direction and focus.  Training is specific to each case and made to get a positive and productive response that benefits the pet and the pet parent.  We encourage every family member to participate in the training so that consistency is present in all relationships.

Group Class training $280 - Great for all around basic training that assists pet parents in learning about the signals and signs to properly train and improve their quality time and relationship with their pets.  It's a great opportunity to start your training journey with your pet.



Welcome to the pack that feels like family!

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